Metro Courier Started With A Great Idea.

Metro Courier HistoryIn 1978 a barber in the Twin Cities offered his clients a value-added service whereby he would repair their shavers. UPS would charge him $6 in shipping fees. As he pondered their business model, he began wondering what a business could look like transporting money. He didn’t have the funds or the knowledge to create such a business so he surrounded himself with investors and working partners who set about creating a business with him to transport money from businesses to financial institutions. The beginning of Metro Courier was underway.

In those days, it required licensing from the Public Service Commission to legally transport cash, which they obtained with the help of a lieutenant in the Maple Grove Police Department. Deregulation in the 1980s changed all that and no longer made it mandatory to require licensing to transport cash.

To make Metro Courier work, they needed a safe location for their vehicles to park and armored vehicles for safer cash transportation. Their creative solution was to sell off the dairy cows of one of the investors and park the vehicles on his farmland. Another partner had expertise in sandblasting and welding, so he went to work converting regular vehicles into armored cars. And they even had a glass company owner involved who would supply the vehicle glass to them.

Over time, there grew to be eight Metro Courier investors. In 1983, two people purchased the company from the other owners and those individuals worked hard to expand the business after purchasing it.

They have built Metro Courier with a wide variety of clients. From those who need one cash pick up per week to customers needing cash pick up 3 times per day. They service “mom and pop” stores to national companies and everything in between.

With the advent of auto deposit, debit cards, image capturing of checks at the point of purchase, and more, the industry has dramatically changed over the years. Even with all of these enhancements, transporting cash is still a vital service needed by many companies, and Metro Courier is here to serve you.

Our company prides itself on never having any debt. An owner who truly understands every aspect of the business as he has “done it all” leads our company today. From working as a driver to servicing trucks to securing clients and more, his intimate knowledge of every aspect of this business is unheard of in our industry and allows him to be a better leader for our organization.

To learn how you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional, insured armored car services for your business, call Metro Courier today at 763-424-7668 or take a moment to complete a Quick Quote and one of our friendly team members will contact you.