Unfortunately thieves are everywhere and you never know when one is monitoring your business for an opportunity to steal your cash. While no amount of prevention is 100% guaranteed to keep you and your team safe, there are measures you can take to increase the chances that a burglar will move along to the next business. Here then are seven robbery prevention tips:

  1. Be observant. You and your employees should remain observant to what’s going on in your business and what is going on outside of your business. For example, you will want to keep an eye out for suspicious people or vehicles around the periphery of your business, especially when you are opening and closing your business. You will also want to watch for people wearing clothing that is inappropriate for the current weather. For example, someone wearing a heavy coat in the summer may be targeting your business for a robbery.
  2. Have at least 2 people open and close your business. Especially if your business opens or closes when it is dark outside.
  3. Use the most visible store entrance. You want to leave your business through the door that is the most visible to passersby and avoid back and secluded entrances when opening or closing your business.
  4. The cash register should be visible from outside the store. When police officers patrol the area, it will help them as they peer into your business if they can see the cash register. That way if a robbery is taking place, they can take fast action to stop it. Also, having a cash register within sight of the front store windows will deter a burglar, as it will be harder to keep the robbery from being seen while in progress.
  5. Mark the edge of the main doorway with measuring tape. You’ve probably seen this done at gas stations. You can do the same at your business. Doing so will help you report a more accurate height of the robber.
  6. Keep minimal cash on hand. Planned cash pickups by an armored transportation company such as Metro Courier can help you do this.
  7. Post notices in the doorway and front window of your business indicating that you have minimal cash on hand.

These 7 tips are excellent measures to put in place to prevent a robbery at your business. Let us help you protect your cash and team from robberies. Call us today at 763-424-7668 or get a Quick Quote now. Our staff will complement your business establishment and provide the peace of mind you deserve for all your cash management needs.