An Armored Courier Service is a valuable asset in the wintertime.

Winter is quickly approaching, and with that comes the inevitable delays, bad road conditions and dangerous temperatures.  The causes of these delays can range from vehicle accidents and heavy snowfall to brutally cold temperatures. During the 2013-2014 winter, we had 53 days of below-zero temperatures and over 30 days of measurable snowfall.

This is where an armored courier service can be a life saver. According to research, the first snowy day of the year is substantially more dangerous for drivers than other snow days in terms of fatalities. Fatal accidents were 14% more likely on the first snowy day of the season compared with subsequent ones, according to research compiled from 1975 to present.

Now, for a company that does not use an armored car service, this means risk.  The main risk to any company is the trip to the bank with deposits. This means that an employee, manager or owner will need to make it to the bank safely. However, there are more risks involved in the wintertime than just security. The employee, manager or owner will be in danger if caught in the snow, extremely cold temperatures or may be significantly delayed in traffic. When the manager gets delayed, the company loses out on the time that could have been spent back at the office.

This is where Metropolitan Courier Corporation can help.  By using an armored courier service, you eliminate the risk of lost managerial or employee time, while ensuring that your deposits get to the bank safely. For the best armored courier service in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area call: 763-424-7668. Or get a Quick Quote now. Our staff will complement your business establishment and provide the peace of mind you deserve for all your cash management needs.