Armored car services, instead of going to the bank, have your bank come to you!

armored car services- metro courierArmored car services could reduce your risk and keep your employees focused on growing your business and providing an excellent customer experience.

Your employees are your business’ most valuable asset. Protect them, and your company’s financial assets, by hiring Minnesota-based Metropolitan Courier Corporation.

Eliminate over-drafts and missed sales because your manager missed the end-of-day cut-off on their run to the bank. Metropolitan Courier Corporation specializes in same-day deposits.

Same-Day Service – Our team of experts route our client pickups such that we are able to deliver your cash deposit to your financial institution on the same day we pick it up. For most of our clients, we are also able to drop off the deposits with their financial institution in sufficient time for them to receive same-day credit for their deposit.

Flexible Pick Up Schedules – We understand that just because it’s convenient for us to stop by your office or store at 9 a.m. because of other pick ups in your area doesn’t mean it’s convenient for you. We work with you to accommodate a pick up time that works with the nature of your business.

Cash Deposits – Protect the safety of your team, reduce losses due to handling of cash by employees, and improve employee productivity by hiring our team to pick up and transport your cash deposits for you.

Cash Manager Safes – Our armored car services drivers will remove your cassettes from your cash manager safes on your scheduled armored service days and replace them with empty cassettes. The cassettes are safely delivered to your financial institution with no cash exposure for your company.

Jewelry and Artwork – When you need to transport your jewelry and artwork, Metro Courier is the company to call. We guarantee your valuables will be protected while in our care from pick up to delivery.

To learn how you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional, insured armored car services for your business, call our office today at 763-424-7668 or take a moment to complete a Quick Quote and one of our friendly team members will contact you.

We hold Statewide Armored Car Services Authority, issued by the State of Minnesota, along with a Corporate Protection Agents License issued by the Minnesota State Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services.