There are still business owners who place their bank deposits in special bags with locks on them and walk their deposit to the bank down the street, or ask a designated employee to do so. This is a very dangerous method of operation as it opens the business owner up to theft – either by a thief approaching him or her or the employee pocketing the deposit.

Thankfully, courier services like Metro-Courier exist to solve this problem and more. We are the Courier Service you can trust.


The benefits of using a courier service include:

  • Greater security. We will pick up your deposit at your place of business and transport it safely to your financial institution.
  • Lower your risk of theft and mishandling. Allowing us to pick up your deposit will help you keep honest people honest. Meaning, your employees are good, trustworthy people who may, with too much temptation, choose to steal the cash being deposited.
  • Employee safety. Criminals will learn the pattern of who takes your deposit to the bank and when. Using our service will keep them safely in your place of business.
  • All-risk insurance coverage. All shipments are fully insured against all risk while in our possession or in our vaults.
  • Saves you time. By having us pick up your deposits you can keep your team focused on revenue generating activities.
  • Locally owned and operated. This means we are only a short drive or local phone call away to service any issues or concerns that may arise. We are dedicated to your success and the safety of your employees.

Let us help you with your courier service needs. Request  Quick Quote today by filling out the form. Our staff will compliment your business establishment and provide the peace of mind you deserve for all your cash management needs.